Welcome to Head Over Heels Salon

Sarah Reichman was a young entrepreneur, only being 23 decided to reach for her dreams of being a Salon owner. Her whole life her mother and sister avoided going into any salon because of the hoity-toity atmosphere and feeling out of place. So Sarah had always said, “ When I have a salon, It will be nothing but a down to earth family like ambiance. I want my staff to love what they do and respect the person that’s sitting in their chair and for everyone that walks through the door to automatically feel like they are family.”

So one day Sarah had the chance to open a salon of her own. What started out as a very scary but exciting new opportunity has now grown into a wonderfully established business. With a lot of time, hard work, and love for the industry, Head Over Heels Salon has officially been open for over 11 years now. Sarah grabbed at the chance, succeeded, and is ready for many more exciting years ahead!